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Embrace Nature’s Symphony in Boquete:


Schubert Gate

Welcome to your private nook in Boquete, where the verdant embrace of nature awaits to cradle your dream home. The gate opens to possibilities—a serene retreat, fertile with the sweet scent of fruit trees and the subtle whisper of coffee blossoms.

Nestled in the heart of Boquete, just off Volcancito Road, this 1,838 square meter land is a canvas awaiting your dream home.

Scenic Splendor with a Touch of Heritage:

Awaken to breathtaking views of Mount Baru and in the distance, the serene vistas towards Boca Chica. Surrounded by lush greenery, the property sits amidst some of the most esteemed coffee farms, renowned for their elevation-induced quality. This land doesn’t just offer a view; it’s a gateway to experiencing the soul of Boquete’s coffee heritage.

Schubert coffee

Nestled amidst Boquete’s lush foliage, the land inherits the region’s coffee legacy, offering a landscape dotted with vibrant coffee cherries. This is where your morning brew begins its journey, a stone’s throw from your future doorstep


Tranquil Yet Connected: Enjoy the peace of a rural lifestyle, enhanced by the tranquility of being just 200 meters off the main road. Your future home will be a sanctuary of calm, yet not isolated. A small, engaging community thrives here, marked by well-kept homes and friendly, welcoming neighbors.

Climate Perfection and Natural Bounty:

The property enjoys a stable climate, comfortably nestled outside the misty rain zones typical in parts of Boquete. Its natural shield against the seasonal winds makes it an ideal spot for year-round comfort. The land is rich with fruit trees and coffee plants – imagine savoring your morning coffee, homegrown and freshly brewed, under the shade of your own avocado, sweet lemon, and guava trees.

Schubert coffee

Touch the heart of Boquete’s coffee culture with this fertile land, where the rich soil gifts you with the essence of its flavor—handpicked promise of a rich, aromatic life.


Ready for Your Vision: Fenced, cleared, and well-maintained, this land is primed for building. With fiber optic internet and electricity already at the gate, it combines the allure of countryside living with modern necessities. The small coffee roasting facility and tour site nearby add a quaint charm to the neighborhood, ensuring your home is not just a place to live, but a part of a vibrant community.

Ideal Location:

Its proximity to the main Volcancito road ensures easy access while maintaining the serenity of a secluded haven. The presence of small, neat homes in the vicinity speaks volumes of the area’s desirability and the quality of life it offers.

Schubert drive in A secluded lane shrouded in Boquete’s lush tapestry leads you to a hidden gem, where the whispering leaves and chirping birds compose the prelude to the sanctuary you’ll call home.




Discover your utopia with Utopia Realty. Act swiftly to secure this serene Boquete sanctuary as your own. Contact Utopia Realty today and ensure you don’t miss out on this rare opportunity—tomorrow may be too late!

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  • Country: Panama
  • Province / State: Chiriqui
  • City / Town: Boquete
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  • Property ID 1286
  • Price $79,500
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  • Land area 1,838 m2
Prime Build-Ready Lot in Boquete

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